Woolworths Enterprise Agreement 2018 Pdf

Team members working on October 22, 2018 will receive the new base rate plus an additional payment to increase their effective base interest rate called the Temporary Transition Rate (TTR) or the Temporary Transition Rate (TTR) or The Time Transition Rate (CTTR). The SDA has just reached an agreement in principle with Woolworths for a new agreement on the Woolworth supermarks. The vote on the proposed woolworths agreement will take place from 11 to 22 October 2018 by online vote. “The proposed agreement already has the support in principle of the SDA, the AWU [Australian Workers` Union] and the Australia WORKERS ASSOCIATION, and we await raffWU`s response.” 6 1: APPLICATION AND ACCORD OPERATION 1.1 TITLE This agreement is called Woolworths National Supermarket Agreement APPLICATION AND PARTIES BOUND Application – This agreement applies in all states and territories of Australia. The agreement is binding on Woolworths Limited (1 Woolworths Way Bella Vista NSW 2153) and Woolworths South Australia Pty Ltd (599 Main North Road, Gepps Cross, South Australia 5094) for workers employed in the classifications mentioned in this agreement and employed in the supermarket retail trade of these companies. However, it does not apply to employees of a Woolworth Liquor division or a BWS store that was a Woolworth Liquor department as of July 1, 2012 (c) (d) This agreement does not apply to employees in employee positions, including, but not only: team leader, team support, duty manager, assistant manager and store manager. In order to avoid any doubt, this agreement does not apply to employees working in the trade as Thomas Dux. To the extent that Woolworths Limited is already bound by an existing employment contract that came into force under the Workplace Relations Act 1996 (as before the Fair Work Act 2009 amendments) for workers who would otherwise be covered by the agreement, this agreement does not apply or applies to this worker until the beginning of the day immediately after the nominal expiry date of the Die Union employment contract – this agreement does not apply to that worker. The Distributive – Allied Employees Association (6th Floor, 53 Queen Street Melbourne Victoria, 3000) with respect to workers covered by this agreement and employed outside the area covered by paragraph 1.2.2. is considered the Union in which the term is used in this agreement and the Australian Union of Queensland Workers (12th Floor, 333 Adelaide Street, Brisbane Queensland, 4000) with respect to employees covered by the agreement and employed within the limits that begin on the sea coast at 24 degrees 30 minutes south latitude; From there, by latitude, which carries the true west up to 151 degrees of east longitude; from this degree of true southern length up to 25 degrees the width of the south; From there, by the parallel of latitude that brings the true West to the western border of the state of Queensland; from there, to the western border of the state, which carries the true north to the coast of the sea; from the coast of the sea to the beginning and including the islands adjacent to the coast in this area, with the exception of the local governmental areas of Rockhampton and Gladstone (and, within this area, the Queensland Workers` Union is considered the “Union” in which this term is used in this agreement).

Page 6 The SDA will continue to provide you with updates and www.sda.com.au/woolworths RAUFFU Secretary, Josh Cullinan, said that the old agreement was approved because the Fair Labour Commission relied on misleading documents from Woolworth and the SDA. Negotiations for a new enterprise agreement have been ongoing for more than six months and are expected to move Woolworths employees from state wage rates to national wage rates for the first time.


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